The team

Dr T. Jost

Dr T. Jost

Dr T. Jost

Dr Thorsten Jost is a GP.
He has additional qualifications for naturopathic treatment and emergency medical aid.

- accrediation as medical doctor 1998
- Dr medicine 1997


- General Practitioner 2004
- Additional notation emergency medical aid
- Additional notation naturopathic treatment
- additional qualifications for sonography the abdomen of the thyroid and execute the long-term ECG

Nurse Bianca

Nurse Ines

Trainee Nora

The surgery

  • phone 0351 4865897

  • Mo - Fr 8am - 11pm

  • Tue 8am - 11am and 3pm - 6pm

main entrance WTC-Dresden

main entrance WTC-Dresden

on-call service

Emergancy Pharmacy Service

poison emergency call

  • 0361 730730

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